Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Original Xena Crew Timesheet

Timesheet to record crew hours to be turned in for pay. This one is printed on pink paper, as colors were customary for most original crew material to tell the difference, quickly, between items, and was obtained from a crew member directly. The envelope in the photo is his discarded paycheck envelope with the REN PAC postmark stamp.

Clapper Board and Crew Pics From Final Episode

Pretty much the most awesome crew item I have in my collection, and possibly the rarest, is this genuine set-used clapper board from the final episode, Friend in Need. This board was obtained from the crew member, David Shope, who used it and who is listed as the "Clapper Loader" in the final original call sheet which I also have. David took photos of himself with it on the set for a kind of COA. In one of the photos, you can see Zoe Bell dressed in full Xena gear in the background, working with some of the crew on stunts. This is from the second unit (not the main actor shots but primarily the stunt crew). I also have the original packaging that the clapper was shipped in from David. Pretty nice!

The photos are original from negative (not digital) and have the NZ photo lab timestamp on them as well as an original envelope from REN PAC that contained an original pink timesheet. Super cool! Enjoy....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Xena Basket of Chakram Props Behind the Scenes Photo

This is an actual crew photo from the original 35mm negative. It's a wicker basket full of various chakram props, one wood, one resin and some others that I can't tell what the material is. There are also some other props in the basket. It looks pretty cool.

Behind the Scenes Photos-Friend in Need Wrap

This set of 4x6 photos are from the original 35mm negative and are not copies. We've got Rob Tapert on the set, Lucy and Renee posing in FIN costumes with some of the cast and crew who played the samurai warriors.

Evil Xena's Horse Continuity Photo

LOVE this one; a nice continuity picture of Evil Xena's horse.

Child Centaur Continuity Photos

Here are two nice continuity pics of children playing young centaurs in a Xena episode. Cute shots!

Centaur Continuity Photos

Here are some nice continuity photos from Xena Episode 5 and others. These came from the set with wardrobe tags stapled directly on the photo, with information on the actor playing the centaur.