Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Lost Sappho Episode "Last Chance" Shooting Script

This is a very rare and neat item, the script with notes for the Sappho musical that was never made due to funding concerns. This script is exceptionally maintext, with a "deep and passionate kiss" between our heroines (see photo) at the end. There are also some notes written by Missy Good and placed in the front of the script. Lucy and Renee play their usual parts and Renee plays Sappho while Lucy plays Sappho's timid partner. The jist of the storyline is that Aphrodite's son Senhel no longer believes in true love, as he has seen only lust. Dite thinks if Xena and Gab can help Sappho get her muse back, it will convince her son that true love exists. Well, the true love he eventually sees turns out to be between X and G and not related to Sappho or her inspiration. I understand there were only about 50 copies of the script made as it was halted before production began. A very interesting read and would have been a fun musical....disco style!