Monday, July 14, 2008

Empty film canister from Xena Episode 15

Another lovely original production item! This metal canister was used to transport exposed negatives for development from the set to the lab in New Zealand. This one is empty, of course, but an added bonus is that it comes with the original box that the canister was transported in. The box is heavy, and is similar to those 8mm "home movie" boxes that your dad stored the family "video" in way back in the 70s. Label is stamped with PAC-REN Pictures LTD under "client" and "Xena warrior princess EP#" on the "title" line; everything else is handwritten in. This is evidently the B roll and has a note saying "Save Tail," so none of the film was discarded.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Xena Animated Movie Original Production Cel

Film cels are used to create the different sequences and frames for animated features. This is an original production cel, with a hand-painted background, including the sword. The cel is laid over the top and features Xena. Note the original studio seal on the cel. This is a fairly large item, approximately 11X14 for just the colored areas...and would look nice in a frame.